About Revel

We are a data driven healthcare technology company on a mission to challenge convention and ourselves.

We are Revel.

We’re changing data driven healthcare with technology that helps people do more, stay healthier and live better.

Our health engagement platform creates integrated, multichannel programs that empower people to take a dramatically more active role in improving health. Beyond members and patients, this is healthcare IT that helps doctors, providers, health plan administrators and medical device manufacturers. Not to mention Medicare Star Ratings.

This is our mission.

We make it turnkey so it’s simple.

We make it cost-effective so it’s accessible.

And we make it smart so it’s scalable.

Here’s to transforming health engagement for all.

Here’s to challenging convention and ourselves.

Here’s to reimagining what’s possible.

Leadership Team

Jeff Fritz

Jeff Fritz

Director & CEO

Jason McAthie

Jason McAthie

Director & CFO

Kyle Gunderson

President & CTO

Conor Green

Conor Green