Health Engagement Case Studies

cancer screening
Suicide prevention
Multimodal HRA
flu outreach

A smarter approach to cancer screening starts with, go figure, smarter data.

Cancer Screening
Cancer Screening



growth in 12 months



more screenings performed year over year



of members voluntarily returned the kit


A breakthrough test seeks a health engagement program that does the same.
Our client, a nationally recognized health plan, sought a better way to close the colorectal cancer screening gap. Even with a new and simpler screening kit, their initial program yielded less than a 2% return rate. So they tasked Revel to drive better results and save more lives.


Driven by good old smarts and the latest in healthcare technology.
First, we streamlined the distribution process to guarantee the right members received a screening kit. Then we deployed a carefully balanced health engagement strategy, coordinating reminder calls with other activities to eliminate redundancy and make a greater impact. Finally, data intelligence drove timely and valuable insights from call center integration and fulfillment analytics for always-on optimization.


Improving lives. And saving them.
Together we drove significant program growth that continues to grow and create a better member experience. Most importantly we empowered more people to get early screenings for colorectal cancer—which is the best way to save lives, and prevent the need for more costly treatments.

Health engagement goes beyond making the grade to save a life.

Suicide Prevention
Suicide Prevention



approximate percentage of members who are transferred to live agents for immediate help



number of lives saved to make it worth it


A prevalent disease in need of a proactive response.
Depression affects more than 25% of the U.S. adult population. With patient engagement being a key factor in mental wellness, we identified a critical need to proactively identify and help members who faced an imminent risk of suicide.


Integrated IVR that goes beyond health plan member engagement.
Every second matters in suicide prevention. So Revel developed a highly responsive tool that connects formerly siloed departments to activate a potentially life-saving response. By IVR screening specifically for suicidal thoughts, at-risk members are transferred directly to a live nurse who immediately intervenes and offers help.


A split-second response. A life saved.

In a case from a large health plan that provides Medicare supplemental insurance, a member responded “yes” to a question about thoughts of self harm. Our IVR platform transferred the person to a live nurse who quickly provided counseling and a safe plan. According to the health plan, “it was likely this member’s life was saved by the outreach.”

Tearing down silo walls to get Medicare Star Ratings moving up and up.

Multimodal HRA
Multimodal HRA



moved plans from 2 stars to 4 stars



of all eligible members completed an HRA



lowered costs


Rethinking how to reach a new goal.
As an innovative health plan, our client had an opportunity to significantly improve their DSNP HRA Program Star rating. After evaluating their current HRA model, they teamed up with Revel to help them reimagine their program to reach this goal.


Never underestimate the power of healthcare IT integration.
Our pursuit of improved Star ratings started with the introduction of a forward-thinking model. One that broke down the walls of formerly siloed departments, integrated multiple channels and delivered much-welcomed turnkey solutions. All working seamlessly to promote better outcomes.


Two times the stars.
Together we created a much-welcomed and improved member experience that drove higher completion rates and doubled the health plan’s Star Ratings. Based on the success of this program, our client moved forward and added their Medicare Advantage members.

A dynamic approach to get people to take action and get their flu vaccine.

flu outreach



changed their minds and said yes to a flu shot



communication rate to eligible members



of members that opted into the HRA completed it


Getting people to take action with every connection.
Our client, one of the largest health plans in the world, understands the value of educating their members on the importance of getting an annual flu vaccine. They sought guidance from Revel on the most effective way to engage over 2 million members to share this critical information.


Engage more members with a dynamic approach.

By introducing a dynamic model to the flu outreach program, Revel drove the highest communication rates our client had seen in this program. The flu outreach campaign was integrated with our client’s HRA Program to ensure that every connection mattered.

We also created a personalized member experience and influenced people’s behavior with customized educational content based on their individual responses.


Empowering self-care and preventing illness.
Together we increased self-care, drove the highest communication rates ever experienced by this client, and created a better, more personal member experience.

This program continues to grow each year. More importantly it empowers people to get their flu shots—vital to preventing both illness and costly hospitalizations.

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Leveraging annual wellness visits to close multiple gaps in care.




increase in wellness visits over previous year

1 in 4


eligible members claimed reward for wellness visit



choices for reward offerings


Closing gaps in care with annual wellness visits.
As an innovative national health plan, our client quickly identified that for members, completing an annual wellness visit resulted in more preventative screenings. The organization engaged Revel to partner with them to educate and incent members. The overall goal was to complete their annual wellness visit and close additional gaps in care.


Educated and incented members to get their annual wellness visit.
We created a dynamic annual wellness engagement program that integrated with multiple channels: intelligent voice calls, customer service, and web. The channels worked together to motivate people to schedule an annual physical. We also introduced a rewards program to ensure that members followed through and went to see their doctors.


Driving better health outcomes by closing multiple gaps in care.
By simplifying the process, educating members and building in a rewards program, this health engagement program successfully encouraged members to get their annual wellness visit. In addition, the program resulted in more people receiving important preventative screenings. A win-win for the health plan and their members.