A dynamic approach to get people to take action and get their flu vaccine.

How innovation through testing and measurement drove better connection rates and completion rates for one client’s influenza immunization program. Revel Connect’s conversational platform not only improved answered calls, its responsive design actually listen to member’s concerns and ultimately changed many of their minds toward making a healthier choice.

Driving year-over-year improvements through channel optimization and interactive experiences.



Getting people to take action with every connection.
Annual influenza immunizations are a core objective for most health plans. The flu vaccine is recommended for all adults and may reduce flu-related hospitalizations by 71%. By reducing flu-related provider visits, health plans are able to drive down claims and create a healthier member base.

Our client, one of the largest health plans in the world, understands the value of educating their members on the importance of getting an annual flu vaccine. They have already undertaken efforts in previous years to inform its members on the benefits of flu immunizations. However, they wanted to improve immunization rates and deliver the most effective targeted program encouraging members to take action.



Engage more members with a dynamic approach

Revel began by evaluating the current call pattern for the prior year’s interactive voice calling program and identifying where enhancements could be made to achieve a greater number of answered calls.

The team at Revel evolved the script and call flow from an informational transaction to an interactive experience where the member is frequently asked for feedback and the interactive voice responds in real-time to the chosen path.

Drawing upon expertise across multiple healthcare initiatives, Revel was able to make a connection to another important healthcare objective, the Health Risk Assessment (HRA).

By adding the option for members to take the HRA at the end of the flu call we were able to impact a separate core objective for the client.

Revel’s integrated program design significantly improved contact rates year-over-year. By weaving interactive sessions into the call experience more people than ever before decided to get a flu shot.

Two-Pronged Approach to Drive Action

contact strategy

Improve the Contact Strategy

Drawing from prior experience, Revel identified an opportunity for improvement within the contact sequencing strategy. The current process had spaced calls too far apart, so far that the member tended to disregard the calls. Through careful testing Revel identified optimal call placement that created a sense of urgency to take action and minimize member abrasion.

The team at Revel also identified improvements in source data quality that enabled greater opportunities to reach members, and provided guidance throughout the resolution.

call Experience

Enhance the Call Experience

Revel’s proprietary interactive voice solution within the Revel Connect suite allows for member and patient interaction, where spoken words and response affect the call flow.

By moving away from a broadcast approach and toward a conversational approach, Revel Connect’s interactive voice program was able to listen to the members and eventually persuade many of them to make healthier choices. As part of the call experience, we presented each member with the option to access FAQ’s to help overcome concerns/objections about the vaccination.

After testing and analysis, Revel segmented members based on chronic conditions and propensity to respond. Each group received messages tailored specifically to them.

Taking members’ life stage and situation into account made it possible to lead with relevant information that translate into higher completion rates.



Empowering self-care and preventing illness.

48% of members changed their mind and ultimately agreed to get their flu shot after an informational dialogue with the Revel Connect platform. In the past these would have been members who may not have received a flu vaccine because they were uninformed.

49% opted-in to HRA: Of those eligible to take the HRA 49% chose to stay on the call even after listening to the flu vaccine information. Of those who stayed on and took the HRA 94% completed it.

Together we increased self-care, drove the highest communication rates ever experienced by this client, and created a better, more personal member experience.