Data, behavioral science, and sharper analytics move people beyond health engagement to action for better health.

Revel Connect - Health Action Platform

Revel Connect Platform

Everyone thinks they’re different. They’re right.

One size never fits all. Revel Connect uses a unique combination of data science and machine learning to connect with people personally. We know what they want, how they like to connect, and what moves them. Go beyond health engagement to a new level of health action.

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Connect with members like they’re humans.

Revel Data Enrichment merges your member data with our own data, adding a key dimension that turns members from numbers in a spreadsheet into living, breathing people.


A uniquely powerful combination.

Revel goes further by combining proprietary behavioral research with quantitative data to advance your knowledge of members from clinical to deeply personal.

Medicare Healthcare Personalization - Behavioral Science

Right channels, right sequences, right actions.

Revel Connect leverages more than a decade of performance data to intelligently match the right messages, channels, and outreach sequences to each individual. Result? Action.

Revel changed the minds of 48% of people who originally said they weren’t going to get a flu shot.


Radical transparency meets relentless optimization.

Discover the joy of seeing your program perform in real time. Machine learning continually optimizes channels, sequencing, and other levers to maximize your results.

Health Action Platform - Medicaid Member Engagement

Performance-based pricing

Revel is a health action company so you only pay for outcomes.

Ready to get better results?


Preventive Action

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Annual Wellness Visits

Close gaps and open the door to better results.

Quickly launch annual wellness visit programs that reduce costs and improve outcomes.

Revel drove a 63% increase above the national average in annual wellness visits




Help members live longer, healthier, happier lives.

How do you motivate healthy people to get life- and health-saving screenings? We have data and results. Common programs include:

  • BMI Assessment
  • Breast Cancer Screening
  • Cervical Cancer Screening
  • Chlamydia Screening in Women
  • Colorectal Cancer Screening
  • Diabetes Maintenance Care
  • Lead Screening in Children
  • Osteoporosis Screening

Take 20 and check out our Preventive Screenings podcast as we explore the challenges of engaging people to take preventive actions.


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Inspire small actions that make a huge difference.

Sparking healthy behaviors on a personal level is crucial to increasing health and reducing costs. Common programs include:

  • Flu Vaccination
  • Immunizations for Children & Adolescents
  • Pneumococcal Vaccination

Listen to our podcast, “Understanding Flu Shot Attitudes Using Behavioral Research” to learn why some people get flu shots routinely and why others don’t get them at all.


Health Surveys


Check all the boxes with smarter engagement.

When done right, surveys can move members down the right path to better health efficiently and cost-effectively. Common programs include:

  • Loneliness Survey
  • Medicaid Health Risk Assessment
  • Medicare Health Risk Assessment
  • New Member Welcome Survey
  • Pre-CAHPS Survey
  • Pre-HOS Survey
  • Retention Survey
  • Social Determinants of Health Survey

Capturing HRAs has never been more seamless. Revel introduces a tool that allows sales agents to capture HRAs for new members during the plan enrollment process. Learn more about Revel Amplify.

Revel drove a 94% HRA completion rate. Check out our HRA Program Overview to see how we help you get better outcomes.




Create the spark that fires people up.

Identify members who need specific programs, then activate them with personalized engagement.

Revel activated 74% of previously unenrolled members. Check out our Activation Guide to see how.