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RadioRev is a podcast for change makers looking to do more than just health engagement. We’re talking to the leaders and innovators who are bringing new ideas, inspiring others, and leading the way.

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Episode 4 – Voices of Revel with Cory Trytten

Voices of Revel is a monthly episode of RadioRev where we introduce a member of our team. This month, meet Cory Trytten, Revel’s System Administrator and new host of RadioRev.

Episode 3 – Forrester Data Strategy & Insights Forum

Peter Eliason, Director of Analytics and Data Science at Revel recently attended Forrester’s first annual Data Strategy & Insights Forum in Orlando, FL. On this episode of RadioRev he recaps the event, shares his favorite moments, and top takeaways.

Episode 2 – Good in the Hood

On this episode of RadioRev, Revel President & CTO talks with Shawn Morrison, Founder & Executive Director at Good in the Hood, a Twin Cities organization Revel is partnering with this year through their Holiday Help Campaign. To learn more about Good in the Hood and how you can get involved, visit their website by clicking the button below.

Episode 1 – Understanding Medicare Star Ratings

Our first episode of RadioRev dives into the world of Medicare Star Ratings with Jeff Fritz, CEO at Revel and Sara Ratner, our government programs specialist. We cover the nuts and bolts of Medicare Star Ratings, what they are, why they matter, and who should care about them. Download Sara’s guide to government programs to learn more.