Flexibilities to Fight COVID-19

Get the latest guidance from Revel regarding changes to Medicare Star Ratings in light of the COVID-19 pandemic issued by CMS.

3 Things Healthcare Organizations Should Know About COVID-19 Communications Using Behavioral Research

In this webinar we highlight the benefits of using behavioral research to establish the best course of action when communicating with members about the COVID-19 pandemic.

7 Strategies to Address Social Determinants of Health with Better Engagement

Explore the 7 best strategies to make a meaningful impact when addressing SDoH, including the importance of a data driven strategy.

The Impact of Social Determinants Health Guide

The Impact of Social Determinants of Health Guide

Get Revel’s social determinants of health guide to learn state requirements and recommendations to drive member action and improve outcomes.

Crowd at an event, 7 Forces Impacting the 2020 Health Engagement Experience

7 Forces Impacting the 2020 Health Engagement Experience

Explore how successful healthcare organizations can set the tone of their own outreach to play to an audience of one.

6 Social Determinants of Health Insights to Break Down Barriers

See how Revel’s behavioral research sheds light on social determinants of health barriers and reveals new insights.

2020 Medicare Star Ratings Release and Trend Report

Learn the key changes in the recently published 2020 Medicare Advantage Plan Star Ratings and how the updates will affect your plan.

yoga tree pose, 10 Universal Truths of Health Action

10 Universal Truths of Health Action

Explore the 10 key factors of getting people to take action in the age of the over-communicated healthcare consumer in this insightful eBook. Learn how today!

Climbing stairs, The Rise of Health Action Platforms Executive Brief

The Rise of Health Action Platforms Executive Brief

See for yourself how a flexible health action technology platform can lower costs and evolve to meet the changing needs of healthcare organizations and consumers.

Boost Medicare Star Ratings

Boost Medicare Star Ratings with Revel’s Star Navigator

Learn how Revel’s Star Navigator tool can give your team key insights into which opportunities will make the biggest impact in your health action strategy.

Sign Up for the Rev Up Monthly Newsletter

Sign Up for the Rev Up Monthly Newsletter

Get Revel’s free monthly newsletter to stay ahead on health action. The Rev Up Newsletter is filled with insights, resources, and the latest industry news on health action.

Mountain biking, 4 Critical Components of Effective Health Action Platforms

4 Critical Components of Effective Health Action Platforms

Discover how health action technology can humanize the process and create a dialog with members and patients that drives better results in this impactful guide.

6 Big Health Engagement Mistake, person climbing steps

6 Big Health Engagement Mistakes Health Plans and Providers Can’t Afford to Make

In this popular eBook, you’ll learn 6 best practices to accelerate health action, get better health outcomes, and avoid costly missteps.

Are We Missing the Boat on SDoH? Innovative Plan & Provider Success Stories Using Non-Health Data

In this webinar, our panel of experts share best practices and success stories on how SDoH insights and personalized interventions can successfully drive health action.

5 innovative strategies

5 Innovative Strategies to Boost Medicare Member Engagement

Discover how strategic health engagement throughout the member journey leads not only to better Medicare Star Ratings, but better health outcomes.

Smart watch, Health Action Best Practices

Health Action Best Practices Review

Are your health action programs delivering the results you need fast enough? Want to drive up your Medicare Star Ratings? Close more gaps in care?

10 Hot Strategies to Ignite Your Health Engagement Using Behavioral Science

Get the hottest tactics for better engagement using behavioral science to create meaningful connections and drive health action.

chalkboard, Health Action Playbook

Health Action Playbook: 9 Must-Have Plays to Rev Up Ratings & Drive ROI

Transform your health action strategy with 9 powerful plays designed to drive better outcomes and move people to do things that are good for them.