With additional barriers to overcome, engagement requires a different approach.

There are factors that need to be considered to achieve better health outcomes with the Medicaid population. We know that Medicaid plans manage diverse populations with wildly variable needs that can complicate engagement, including social determinants of health.

Medicaid Member Health Action

We reach the unreachable.

We know it’s difficult to engage Medicaid members. That’s why we’ve developed a framework for understanding this population to increase engagement and ultimately drive health action.

Member-Centric Program - Social Determinants of Health

We focus on individual needs, not broad programs.

We create a holistic view of a member by laying non-healthcare member data, including social determinants of health, for a more complete member-centric program.

Healthcare Personalization - Medicaid Member Health Action

Create personalization that drives member action.

Revel leverages machine learning to connect with members like people — using the best message, best channel, and best outreach sequence for the individual.

Medicaid Member Health Action Programs

Let’s connect with people like they’re humans.

Through our health action programs, we learn how to sustain engagement with individuals recognizing their unique situation, social determinants, values, and beliefs to deliver coordinated programs without consumer abrasion. Once they engage, they stick with us.



improvement in Medicaid HRA completions



that engaged took another health action



of a previously unreachable population engaged

A flexible health action platform that works for you.

Revel’s health action programs create a unique, more human experience on a platform that’s open, customizable, and offers real-time reporting to drive ever-better results.

Health Action Platform - Medicaid Member Engagement

Ready to get better results?

Revel is a health action company so you only pay for outcomes.

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We know it’s difficult to engage Medicaid members. That’s why we’ve developed a framework for understanding this population to increase engagement and drive health action – find out how.

How to Increase the Impact of Social Determinants in Value-Based Care Webinar
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