Health action programs that engage the young and the young-at-heart.

The Medicare population is an ever-changing group that grows increasingly tech savvy. It’s time to break the belief system that all seniors avoid technology and haven’t embraced digital communication channels. Not recognizing this is a missed opportunity that could dramatically impact Medicare Star Ratings and HEDIS, affecting reimbursements and existing plan benefits.

Medicare Health Action Programs

Revel understands people.

We know that modern Medicare members have different needs than those in the past. Our health action programs are designed to meet members where they are with messages that resonate, moving them to take specific actions. All for better health.

Member-Centric - Social Determinants of Health

Let’s connect with people like they’re humans.

Through our health action programs, we learn how to sustain engagement with individuals recognizing their unique situation, social determinants, values, and beliefs to deliver coordinated programs without consumer abrasion. Once they engage, they stick with us.

Medicare Healthcare Personalization - Behavioral Science

You know members clinically. We know them personally.

Revel delivers deeper insights — combining demographic, clinical, and consumer data with behavioral science to understand needs and values to personalize the member experience.

Medicare Healthcare Personalization for Health Action

Create personalization that drives member action.

Revel leverages machine learning to connect with members like people — using the best message, best channel, and best outreach sequence for the individual.

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increase in cancer screenings

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above national average in annual wellness visits

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reduced completion time for HRAs using digital tools

A flexible health action platform that works for you.

Revel’s health action programs create a unique, more human experience on a platform that’s open, customizable, and offers real-time reporting to drive ever-better results.

Health Action Platform - Medicaid Member Engagement

Ready to get better results?

Revel is a health action company so you only pay for outcomes.

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